• Your very own personal speed coach. Yep, you heard it.

    Started Jan 31

    299 US dollars
  • Super easy, anywhere, anytime. Just shoot me videos of your swing!

    1 hr

    59.99 US dollars
  • 1 hour golf lesson with Daisy at Wescott Golf Club

    1 hr

    80 US dollars

Online Golf Lessons

Want access to me as a coach but live too far away? Or you just have a busy schedule and would prefer to work at your own pace? Let me help you! Together we can pin point where you're loosing efficiency in your swing and work to improve it using fun practice  games and drills to help you learn the new swing feeling you need to hit longer, straighter and more consistent golf shots. 

Online Distance Coaching


Your very own personal speed coach. Yep, you heard it.

Ever wondered where you might be leaking speed in your golf swing? This online distance coaching membership includes: swing analysis, physical analysis, Live Zoom Fitness Sessions, Live FaceTime Golf Lessons, 24/7 Online Coaching with unlimited communication. This is 8 weeks of completely CUSTOM services with guaranteed increase in distance or your money back.