• 6 week online speed training program

    299 US dollars
  • 30 min zoom meeting

    30 min

  • 1 month of online coaching!

    99.99 US dollars


Here's how it send me videos of your swing and I will send you back that video with my voice recording talking as I use drawing tools to help explain what you need to do to improve your swing. I send you videos of corrective drills so you know HOW to fix your swing. 


and REPEAT! 


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The VIP Treatment


Serious about your game? This one's for you. We will cover every aspect that affects your game from technical swing changes, to fitness exercises, to nutritional advice. This program is bulletproof in helping you reach your goals. 

This is an online membership whereby you get both golf lessons and golf fitness programs. You will be physically assessed to highlight which areas of your body might be limiting your golf swing from improving. We repeat this assessment every month and to track your progress. You will also get bi-weekly online lessons whereby I provide you with a swing analysis using drawing tools to help explain how you can improve. I will also provide you with skills tests to perform to track your swing progress.


For this membership you will be signed up to True Coach which is an easy to use app on your phone so you can access your programs anywhere, anytime. This app enables me to provide you with follow along workout programs and golf practice programs with tutorial videos. This also tracks your compliance and sends you reminders so we can keep you motivated! BONUS: This includes unlimited communication with me, your coach!


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