In Person

golf lessons

wescott golf club


5000 Wescott Club Dr, Summerville, SC

$80 per lesson

$200 for 3 lessons

lessons are 1 hour in duration


I am brand new to golf and was looking for a good instructor. I was very excited to begin instruction with Daisy and immediately discovered she is an excellent teacher.  She is patient and really connects with me. One of the things I really enjoy is that during the instruction process she explains why things matter, such as your stance, the way you turn your body, the way you move your arms, hands, and legs.  Daisy doesn't just tell you to do something a certain way.  She conveys information about the physiology involved, and that helps me understand the movements better and how they will affect my performance, without feeling like I am in science class.  I'm about half-way through my scheduled lessons, and I can honestly say I am surprised I have learned so much already and how much improvement I have achieved.  Daisy has such a positive attitude and she's great to work with.  Her instruction and encouragement are uplifting - I highly recommend Daisy if you want to learn to play golf, or learn to play golf better!

Amazing coaching catered towards each individual golfer. I'm a brand new golfer and in just two lessons I was able to golf 18 holes and not embarrass myself! Daisy doesn't just tell you what to do, but she takes the time to explain why certain ways work better, making it much easier to develop good habits and quash the bad ones. She has a wide variety of drills that are both engaging and challenging that I have been able to continue working on by myself after each lesson. I look forward to each lesson and highly recommend Daisy to every level of golfer.

LINDA 70 yrs 

COLLEEN 26 yrs 

I am a 12 handicap and wanted to improve and understand my golf swing so I can adjust when things go south. Each part of the swing that we work on, Daisy explains and shows where my swing is and where it should be; very good at explaining what part of my body is doing wrong. If I don’t get it, we use drills and more talking until I understand. She ends the lesson with videos and notes for practice on my own. I would recommend Daisy to ANY level of golfer who wants to improve. I loved taking lessons from another female.

Daisy is quick to pinpoint the subtle nuisances of my swing that cause problems. She is fun, encouraging, and easy to work with! A very professional coach.

GORDON 65 yrs 

JUDY 50 yrs