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Coach Daisy-May Kenny is an expert in the golf performance realm. Her understanding of human biomechanics gives her the edge you're looking for in a coach. Daisy specializes in increasing speed and distance and has years of experience training tour professionals and amateur golfers of all ages. Join Daisy's program to helping you on your way to hitting longer, straighter, and more consistent golf shots.


Would you like to know where speed is leaking in your swing?

Would you also like to know how you can increase your club speed?

Would you like to learn how you can hit the ball 25 yards further?

PGA Show 2021

Training Female Golfers to Hitting Longer Drives​

by Daisy-May Kenny

& Africa M. Alarcon




Podcast: Golf Science Lab

You’ve probably seen SuperSpeed Golf and you may be curious as to how they’re helping people gain speed (hitting the ball farther) and...

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