Golf Fitness & Biomechanics

Biomek Golf specializes in the kinetics & kinematics of movement

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    increased distance

    Through increased strength, power & mobility

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    Better Swing Positions

    Improve your mobility enables you to get into swing positions you previously couldn’t!

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    Reduced Risk for injury

    Training the body to be balanced by eradicating mobility and stability issues reduces pressure on the spine & other joints which promotes a neutral posture increasing your longevity.

Biomek Golf uses the best screening methods in the industry

Titleist Performance Institute

  • Tour Professional approved
  • The gold standard of golf fitness

What Does Biomek Golf Do?


Biomek Golf provides:

1. TPI screening and corrective exercises online ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.

2. Staff Training for PGA teaching pro's educating them how to use the most up to date technologies and training methods and how to interpret and apply the data to help drive more revenue at your teaching facility.

3. Seminars: Biomek Golf offers practical educational seminars presenting on golf biomechanics using Swing Guru (3D biomechanics) and BodiTrak pressure and force mat. This interactive seminar teaches the most recent research findings in the golf industry.

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