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Individual Approach

I don’t just take the typical cookie cutter approach. I assess each member using a screening process. My screening methods (TPI) are considered the gold standard in the golf fitness industry.

Modern Technologies

  • BodiTrak Sports Pressure & Force Mat to measure ground force mechanics.
  • SwingGuru to measure 3D motion without wearing any sensors.
  • HackMotion’s Wrist Sensor to measure wrist mechanics with audio biofeedback.
  • Trackman to measure club and ball variables.


Whether you are 5 years old or 90 years old we can improve your game. With our extensive knowledge in the development of juniors on a genetic level, we are able to increase your child’s athletic potential and build a major champion through our training methods. We also have methods to prevent aging and rewire your nervous system to improve your speed and overall quality of life.


Online Training

I start with an online physical screen and swing video assessment and then I design a custom program for you to follow. You will have an account on MyTPI Pro Site where you can login and access your assessment report history, instructional workout videos, and a workout schedule that suites you.

Biomechanical Analysis

I welcome you to come and visit me to experience my 3D biomechanical analysis. Or I can come to you!





Personalized SuperSpeed Training

I will assess your swing and then determine which areas you lack in speed. Whether it is ground force mechanics, rotational sequencing or lag, I have the advanced drills that will take your SupersSpeed training to the next level to optimize your speed gains.

Increased Distance

I guarantee that you will increase your distance via increasing your club head speed through my membership program.

Golf Coaching

We offer online golf coaching if you want more in depth swing advice and a solid practice program working with PGA Professional David Errington online.


I can come to your facility and host a half day workshop for you and your friends to work on your physical limitations and ground force mechanics in a group environment. Please contact me for more details as this can be tailored to what you want.








Daisy-May Kenny


MSc Science

ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist

TPI Certified

Ground Mechanics Specialist

Speed & Power Expert

SuperSpeed Director of Education


Summerville, South Carolina

+1 (407) 969 9529


Hours: 8:00 - 17:00


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